Free from guilt; acting in good faith and without knowledge of incriminatory circumstances, or of defects or objections.
@ innocent agent
In criminal law, one who, being ignorant of any unlawful intent on the part of his principal, is merely the instrument of the guilty party in committing an offense; one who does an unlawful act at the solicitation or request of another, but who, from defect of understanding or ignorance of the inculpatory facts, incurs no legal guilt
@ innocent construction rule
In libel law, this rule requires that allegedly libelous words that are capable of being read innocently must be so read and declared nonactionable as matter of law. Belmonte v. Rubin, 68 Ill.App.3d 700, 25 Ill.Dec. 430, 386 N.E.2d 904
@ innocent conveyances
A technical term of the old English law of conveyancing, used to designate such conveyances as may be made by a leasehold tenant without working a forfeiture. These are said to be lease and re-lease, bargain and sale, and, in case of a life-tenant, a covenant to stand seised
@ innocent party
Person who did not consciously or intentionally participate in event, transaction, etc
- innocent purchaser
@ innocent trespass
A trespass to land, committed, not recklessly, but through inadvertence or mistake, or in good faith, under an honest belief that the trespasser was acting within his legal rights
@ innocent trespasser
One who enters another's land unlawfully, but inadvertently or unintentionally, or in the honest, reasonable belief of his own right so to do, and removes sand or other material therefrom, is an "innocent trespasser." Restatement, Second, Torts, No. 164

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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